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The GROW Team's Secret to Fungus Gnat-Free Homes Revealed!

At GROW, we've got a little secret that keeps our homes blissfully free of those pesky fungus gnats. And today, we're letting you in on it! Here are five golden rules we swear by to keep those flying bugs at bay:

  1. Bottom Watering: Say goodbye to that spongy, damp top layer of soil – the prime breeding ground for fungus gnats. Bottom watering is our go-to method for keeping that top layer drier and less appealing to these critters.

  2. Proper Drainage: We're serious about drainage – like, really serious. Proper drainage holes are non-negotiable. Without them, your plant will never fully dry out, turning into a breeding ground for gnats faster than you can say "infestation."

  3. Good Quality Soil: Not all soils are created equal, and we've learned this the hard way. Opt for a well-draining houseplant mix from trusted brands like our very own GROW houseblend, Ivy May Soil, or Fox Farms. Remember, quality soil means fewer gnats.

  4. Be Picky Where You Buy Your Plants: Small businesses versus big-box stores – there's a world of difference, especially in the soil used. Pay attention to how long the soil holds moisture. Trust us, it matters.

  5. Let Your Plants Live a Little Dry: Over-watering is the enemy, folks. Most fungus gnat infestations start with plants drowning in water. So, ease up on the watering schedule and let your plants live a little on the drier side. Flexibility is key – adapt to seasonal changes and don't stick to a strict routine.

GROW Tip: Keep your plants in their grower's pots so you can feel the weight of the soil. When it's light, water; when it's heavy, hold off. It's as simple as that!

Follow these rules religiously, and soon enough, you'll be enjoying a fungus gnat-free haven just like the GROW team. Trust us, your plants will thank you for it!

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