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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your shop located?

220 s Third St, Geneva Il

We are located in the heart of Historic 3rd St. in Geneva Illinois. Our "big yellow building with the pillars" is sandwiched between our friends at Cocoon and Grahams Chocolates. 

What is the best way to contact you?

Our Shop phone is always on during shop hours and you can either call or text 630-470-3637 for any questions! We also always welcome questions via Instagram Dms @GrowGeneva.

We live far away. Can we reserve plants before we drive out?

Absolutely! We are always fine with people calling ahead, however we always require payment before we hold anything behind the counter. Feel free to call ahead to pre pay and we will have everything bagged and ready for you when you arrive! You can also shop our website for in-store pick up!

Is GROW dog friendly?

Yep! The GROW team loves all things pups and plants. If you are thinking of bringing your pup to our shop, we ask that you make sure your pup is people/pup friendly, is comfortable in crowds and won't "mark" the plants. 

Will you repot my plant for me?

Gladly, as long as we aren't especially busy with events or holidays or are already backlogged with repotting requests, we will always repot your plant for a small fee. 

Our Repotting Requirements:

1. Text us a picture of your plant/plants that you would like to bring in.

2. Make sure they are pest free and not freshly watered

3. If you are bringing in your own vessel, it must be the appropriate size for the rootball, must have a drainage hole with an unattached saucer.

What is your return policy?

Plants: We strive to set all of our customers up for success with their new planty friends. However, because we can't guarantee the care once they leave the store, plant purchases are not returnable.

Product :You have 30 days to return non-living product in it's original condition. Please keep e-receipt or original card used to purchase.

When do you receive new product?

We receive a large plant shipment every Tuesday and have it ready for the floor by Wednesday morning. We also receive smaller deliveries and non-plant product randomly throughout the week. We recommend following our Instagram story for quick updates. Follow us at @growgeneva.

Are you hiring?

We are always kind of hiring but we don't hire seasonally. It takes a while to learn the ropes at GROW so that prevents us for just hiring summer and holiday help. Our staff, high schoolers included are required to work a minimum set of hours each week and 4 weekend days are required each month. We are looking to hire for July 2024. To get on our radar, email Laura at

Can you help me find the perfect plant for my space?

Oh yes! Our GROW team goes through an extensive training program to be as knowledgeable as we can be. We work hard to be the place to go for planty education, and we all personally love finding the perfect plants for our customers!

How often do you hold classes? Can I schedule a private class?

Yes! You can check out our current class offerings on our events page. For private classes, we book about 6 weeks out and require at least 8 attendees with a max of 12-14, depending on topic. 

Why do I keep killing my plants?

This is a question we get all of the time! It's important to remember first off that even the most experienced plant parents lose plants. It happens very often and could be for any number of reasons. The biggest key is to not get discouraged! If you see distress in your plant or even want some tips for the future of your other plants we are always willing to give advice and help! We always accept phone calls or texts asking for help!

Do you do weddings and events?

We are no longer booking for weddings and events. With inflation, we can no longer offer the bulk discount we were able to offer before. 

Do I need a drainage hole?


Do I REALLY need a drainage hole?


It's true. Many decorative pots don't contain a drainage hole. That's ok! However, instead of using rocks at the bottom, please just leave the plant in its nursery pot. Then, take the plant out to water it and place it back in the decorative pot. Trust us. your plant will like this more than rocks at the bottom. 

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