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Brrr! Winter (Plant Care) is here!

Hey Planty Friends!

Winter is almost here, and while you're snuggled up in blankets, spare a thought for your indoor leafy friends. Yep, those houseplants need some extra love during the chilly season. With a little bit of care and attention, you can make sure they survive the winter blues and come out thriving when the dark times are finally over. Here are some straightforward tips to keep your indoor jungle happy and healthy all winter long.

  1. Water with care: Hey, slow down on the watering can! During winter, plants don't need as much water as they do in summer. Stick your finger into the soil or feel the weight of the pot to check if it's dry before watering. And don't drown them! Make sure the pots have drainage holes, so excess water can escape, and your plants don't end up with soggy feet.

  2. Light it up: With the sun playing hide-and-seek, your plants might not be getting as much light as they're used to. Move them closer to the windows to catch those precious rays, and give them a spin every now and then so they get an even tan. If they're still craving light, consider bringing in some grow lights to keep them happy.

  3. Keep the air moist: Just like we get dry skin in winter, indoor heating can suck the moisture out of the air, leaving your plants parched. Help them out by adding a humidifier or placing a tray of water and pebbles nearby. They'll thank you with luscious, green foliage all season long.

  4. Mind the thermostat: Plants like a cozy environment, just like we do. Keep them away from drafts and avoid placing them too close to heaters—they don't want to feel like they're in a sauna. Give them a comfortable room temperature during the day, and a slightly cooler one at night, just like tucking them in for a good night's sleep.

  5. Keep an eye out for pests: Winter is the perfect time for some of those pests to come out to play. Be vigilant when watering and always have a pest preventative and pest treatment product on hand.While you're at it, give your plants a gentle wipe down to keep them looking fresh and clean.

Winter might be a bit of a challenge for your houseplants, but with these simple tricks and a little help from GROW, you can keep them cozy and content until spring comes knocking. Remember, a little bit of love and attention go a long way in keeping your indoor garden flourishing even when it's frosty outside. So, grab that watering can, find a sunny spot, and show your leafy friends some winter warmth—they'll reward you with their vibrant beauty all season long.

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