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GROW's Go-To Planty Tool Kit

As you build your houseplant collection, you will learn that there are a number of "tools" that can help you in keeping your plants looking and feeling happy and healthy. It is vital to have items on-hand for instances that can threaten the health of the plants. When it comes to plant emergencies, you tend to have a small window of time to act on them before they can become detrimental and lead to plant death.

Here are the products that we use and love to make up the perfect planty tool kit:

1.The first item that every plant owner should have is a bag of high-quality houseplant soil to create a healthy foundation for the plant. We sell two main types of soil at GROW. We use the Rosy Soil because it contains all natural, sustainable ingredients and they work specifically to cultivate Earth positivity. They make eco-friendly choices in their soil blends, packaging and shipping. Adding some orchid bark into this blend makes for a perfect mix for your aroids and other houseplants. We also love Ivy May Soil. Ivy May makes for an amazing chunky mix which your aroids will absolutely adore. It is organic based and is actually soil-free! Instead, it is a mix of Redwood bark, perlite and earthworm castings. This mix allows plants to drain well and helps you avoid overwatering and root rot. Shop the Rosy Soil here and the Ivy May soil here!

If you want something is a larger bag for more general houseplant soil, we love the Fox Farms Ocean Floor mix for our general houseplant soil.

2. Leaf cleaning products are a big part of our planty tool kit. Keeping your plant's leaves clean helps encourage growth and keep them looking nice. Plants are air purifiers and collect dust and debris easily as they cleanse our air.

When it comes to general dust, we love Southside Plants Plant Cleaning Wipes. These are all-natural and biodegradable wipes that will effortlessly get rid of dust, dirt and water spots. One wipe goes a long way, so they last a long time. Shop the Plant Cleaning Wipes here!

For harder water spots that just won't give up and go away, we go for Tinshed Farm's Goat's Milk Plant Soap, used with a microfiber cloth. This plant soap is a very mild goat's milk soap that deeply cleans plant leaves and keeps them spotless. We have found that when other products won't keep the spots away, this is the key. With some warm water and plant soap on a microfiber cloth, your plant's leaves can be gently wiped and left looking beautiful. Shop Tinshed Farm's plant soap here.

3. If your plant just needs a slight touch-up, wiping the leaves with a microfiber cloth after spraying them with a mister can do the trick. We love the rechargeable mister that we offer because it holds a lot of water and is easy to use. While we don't recommend misting your plants for humidity reasons, we encourage you to mist them for cleaning purposes. Misting does not add any humidity to your space and leaving water on plant leaves can lead to bacterial and fungal infections on the leaves. However, using your mister to mist a slightly dirty plant and wiping the water off with a microfiber cloth can keep your plant looking beautiful. Shop this mister here.

4. Leaf Wellness plant spray is a product that we love that can clean and shine leaves. while keeping your plant healthy. This is essentially a vitamin for your plant which prevents pests, while also being a really awesome leaf shine spray. This spray will not kill any pests you currently have, but rather keeps them away when the plants are healthy and makes their leaves very shiny and pretty. On the other hand, if you want something to kill pests that your plant currently has, the Dead AF Spray is for you. As opposed to a vitamin like the Leaf Wellness, this is the medicine for your plant. It is a spot treatment for pests and will help rid your plants of them and get it back on track to health. This can be sprayed on the leaves, stems and even soil of your plant to kill any pests. We usually will start by spraying it on (and wiping it off) every 3 days or so, and then every three weeks, and then after 3 months to ensure that we are killing any pests on the plant and allowing their reproductive cycle to complete. Shop these sprays here!

Try something new!

5. The GROW team has been experimenting with a new product for months and has now brought it to the store. We promise you will absolutely love is the Crazy Keiki cloning paste. This is a specially formulated paste that is designed to activate the natural growth nodes on your plants to encourage them to grow new leaves. We apply it by scoring a node (or nodes) with anything sharp and then simply applying the paste on the scored node with a cotton swab. We noticed new growth sometimes within a couple weeks. This is great for if your plant loses leaves due to the winter time, pests, or anything else. It can help your plant look more full and it's so fun to do! Shop the Keiki Cloning Paste here.

This planty tool kit will keep your prepared for any instance and help your plants look and feel healthy while giving you peace of mind knowing that they are thriving. We always want our plants to thrive, not just survive. Taking these extra steps for your plants can ensure that they will live long and healthy lives and will look their absolute best in your home.

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