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*Local Pick Up Only*

Give the gift of plants this spring with our Monthly Plant Club Mother's Day Edition!


The Quick Details:

1. Curated Plant Collections Ready to Pick Up June 6th-9th, July 11th-14th, August 1st-4th

2. The Collection includes one 6in plant, one 4in plant and a special fancy product from us. 

3. We provide or ship* an "Introduction" Gift that explains the details so you don't have to.

*We are happy to ship the introduction gift if you are unable to come and pick it up but this version of the Monthly Plant Club needs to be in-store pick up with this version. Check out our shippable version here.

3. Your loved one also receives 10% off all their GROW shopping in store and online from June-August


The Longer Version:

The Monthly Plant Club is a curated collection of plants and special items that is sure to enhance someone's collection or get them started on their planty journey. 


The monthly collections include plants that are grown especially with our club members in mind and a special product for you to try. It is typically a 6in plant, 1-2 4in plants and a product sample but can change based on rarity or size of plants. 


What's included in The Mother's Day Edition:

An "Introduction" Gift that introduces The Monthly Plant Club to your loved one. 

A prepared 3 month collection for June, July and August.

This year's introduction gift includes a fertizlier to kick off the growing season, our signature plant soap and a microfiber towel for easy plant cleaning. It also includes a

Member Perk: Your loved one will also receive 10% off all of their GROW shopping during the 3 months of the program.


All collections are in-store pick up but the "Introduction" Gift can be shipped to your local friend.

The "Introduction" items, will ship or be ready to be picked up by Monday May 6th.

If you are shipping, please choose shipping at check out. If you are picking up, please choose pick up at check out. 

Quantities are very limited. 

We are happy to answer any question via text during business hours or email/instagram during off hours.


Mother's Day - Monthly Plant Club - Local Pick Up

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