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Calling all planty friends, near and far!

You've heard of our amazing Monthly Plant Club that our local friends love. Now, we are offering a shippable version!


Quick Details:

* 2 thoughtfully currated plants shipped to you each month

* Shipping Included in the Price

* Plant Mail will ship out around the 15th of each month and arrive at your doorstep just a few days later.


All the Details:

During the warm months, May-October, each month of  the Plant Mail Club will include two 4in, thoughtfully curated plants with detailed care instructions. 


Shipping is included in the price. It will be available in 1, 3 and 6 (or most available) month increments and will run from May to October.

Here at GROW, we try to pick plants that are special in some way. Either they fit a theme, they are premium or uncommon finds, or they're plants that we absolutely love and think everyone should own. No matter your level of plant care, we will have amazing plants for you and we will give you instructions to help them thrive!


Plants will ship out on or near the 15th of the month and will arrive at your doorstep just a few days later. Plants are living things so you will receive a tracking number to ensure you can be around when they arrive.

Damaged plant deliveries will be taken care of by GROW either with a replacement or refund. 

Plants damage due to being left unattended for a long period will not be replaced or refunded by GROW.



Plant Mail: Our Shippable Monthly Plant Club

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