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If you have shopped many plant shops, you will know that the decor world hasn't caught up with the planty world. Plants need a drainage hole and most decorative pots lack one. Not to worry though! The plants come in grower's pots with drainage holes that can simply be place inside decorative "fancy pots". They are happy in these grower's pots until they outgrow them. This usually takes 6-12 months in our Northern Illinois climate. 

When you water your plants in their grower's pots, it's important to remove them from their "fancy pot" while watering. You want to make sure your plant isn't sitting in water for longer than about 20 minutes. Think spongy and not soggy.

Another option is to drill a hole in your "fancy pot". We have found a youtube video that demonstrates the process well. Click here to watch.

Choosing the right water for your collection can make all the difference in the success of your planty friends. While our tap water may have many added benefits for us, those added benefits could be harmful to our most sensitive plants. Delicate foliage plant families like the calathea, maranta, dracaena, spider and palms can suffer from water burn when using tap water. This presents in browning at the tips of the leaves. To avoid this, we recommend using room temperature filtered water or rain water. This removes the harmful additives and allows the plants to drink it up happily. 
Laura's Pro-Tip: Keep a filter system near your plant collection for winter or watering emergencies and invest in a quality rain barrel or two. Your plants with thank you! Click here to see Laura's filter of choice!
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