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'The Ruggedly Handsome Man' Gift Set.

The only things that can possibly make that ruggedly handsome man even better. You won't regret it.


Included in this set:

-Sling & Stone "The Ruggedly Handsome Man" goat's milk soap (oakmoss + amber)

-Sling & Stone "The Ruggedly Handsome Man" solid cologne (oakmoss + amber)


If you would like to pick this gift up locally at GROW, select "In Store Pick Up" at checkout. If you want to have it shipped to you or someone else, choose "Shipping" at checkout. If you would prefer to have your gift shipped at a later date, add the date or dates that you would like it shipped by in the "Notes" section at checkout. If you would like to have a hand-written message added to your giftbox, please put what you would like written in the "Notes" section as well. 


'The Ruggedly Handsome Man' Gift Set

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