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We are excited to offer another repotting event for 2023. Our 2022 repotting event was wildly popular so we are going to change it up slightly to make sure we are as accomidating as possible. 

This year we are going to have you reserve a day so that we can anticipate the amount of people and be better prepared. You can reserve your space with a non-refundable $5 ticket and the $5 ticket price will be deducted from your repotting cost when your plants are completed.


How it works:

1. Purchase a ticket to reserve your day.

2. We will contact you a few days prior to ask for a rough list of plants you will be bringing.

3. You drop off your plants and we will repot as you shop the town. 


Reservation ticket is non-refundable as we will be staffing extra for this event. Thank you for understanding. 

Repotting Event - Reservations Required

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