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Join us for our 2 day repotting event. 

Drop off your plant collection with us and we will offer same-day repotting services while you shop and dine around beautiful Geneva. 


The Short:

1. Sign up for a time slot on your chosen day and pay a $20 reservation deposit

2. 1 Week out, we will text you and inquire about your plant collection so we can be prepared for all of your planty friends.

3. Drop off at the beginning of your time slot and we will start working on your plants right away. 

4. You will receive a text when they are ready and we ask that you pick them up before 5pm on the day of your time slot. 


The Long:

Once a year we are able to offer same day services. Please sign up for the time slot the fits your schedule for the day. You will drop of at the beginning of your time slot and we will text you when they are done. You will then pick your plants up anytime before the end of business that day. Your $20 reservation fee will be applied to your repotting services as a credit. If your services go over the $20, you will pay the balance. If they are under $20, you will receive store credit for the remainder.


We will text you one week prior to ask you about the plants you are bringing in so that we are sure we have everything on hand that is needed. As always, we do what is best for the plant. If it doesn't need to go up a size, we won't pot it up a size. However, we will always at least refresh old soil and clean up the plant. 


Most often we repot into a new plastic growers pot. However, we will have planters on hand in multiple sizes for you to purchase if desired. 


If you would like to bring in your own planter, it must meet these requirements:

1. Must be the appropriate size planter for the root ball of the plant

2. Must be empty and clean

3. Must have a nice sized drainage hole with an unattached saucer or no saucer.


*Because we will be preparing for this event with your plants in mind, no refunds will be given to no-shows and only store credit will be given to cancelations. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting a small business.



Repotting Event Reservations

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