A solid plant care routine is essential to keep your growing plant collection healthy. 

At GROW, we recommend a preventative and a treatment. 

Think of it like your own body. We take vitamins to stay healthy (preventative) but when we get sick, we need a medicine (treatment). The Plant Bar Co is giving us just that.


Leaf Wellness: Preventative


Dead AF: Medicine

These products can be shipped to you or your favorite planty person (select shipping) or picked up in store (select pick up)


Our 100% natural & organic Leaf Wellness spray helps keeps your leaves looking beautiful & shiny - *but most importantly pest free!* with added silica! silica helps strengthen cell walls, and adds an extra level of protection against fungal diseases and common houseplant pests! can be used weekly for regular plant maintenance or as needed!

ingredients: organic neem oil, castile soap, peppermint oil, silica, distilled water


Dead AF is an “on-the-spot” treatment for common houseplant pests such as spider mites, mealie bugs, aphids, thrips, and scale. Use on your houseplants when pests or signs of pests are noticed. Use 1x weekly for up to a month or until pests are Dead AF!

Plant Bar Co Plant Care Products