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Love plants? Join the Club! The Monthly Plant Club!

(MPC is in-store pick up only)


Our long standing subscription service is now upgraded and elevated to bring more perks to our Monthly Plant Club Members.

*Gift Giving? Leave us a note at checkout and we will contact you, via text, for all the proper information.*


New Perks:

  1. New and exciting Premium Plants: one 6in and one/two 4in 
  2. Midwest Made "something special" added to each collection
  3. Early Access to the Weekly Website Plant Drop and Classes
  4. 10% off shopping online and in-store and always free shipping
  5. Additional suprise member only sales  throughout the year. 


What is the MPC? The Monthly Plant Club is a monthly plant collection, curated by the experts at GROW. It is a great way to build your plant collection and guarenteed to make you smile. Each month contains a collection of plants and a special product gift valued way over the cost of the membership.

A typical month can include one 6in premium plant, one 4in premium plant,  and a sample of one of our favorite products. 


How does it work? Each month, our members pay $48 via autodebit or pre-pay for their collection. Pick up begins the first Thursday of each month and lasts through the weekend. Of course exeptions can be made for travel or particularly busy weekends. 

The autodebit customers pay on the 25th of each month and our pre-pay members choose packages that are best for them. 



Monthly Autodebit with a 3 month minimum - $48

Purchase today counts for your first months payment. A team member will be contacting you to gather info for you autodebit at a future date. $48 will be auto-debited from your account on the 25th of each month to pre-pay for the next month. We ask that you commit to 3 months and then you are able to cancel anytime after that. 


Pre Pay - Great for Gift Giving! Same great offerings as the $48 version, just pre-paid. 

3 months - $144

6 months - $288

12 months  - $576

When checking out, please put your info in billing and the recipient's info in shipping or notes. 


Note that this version is local pick up only. 

A shipping option is coming soon.

Monthly Plant Club

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