"I was so excited to receive these at the shop this week. I am a believer in the energy around us and how we can effect and be effected by objects and people around us. I enjoy feeling the weight of this in my pocket on a difficult day a the shop. We have a variety of different stones in the shop but this was the one I needed this week."


Labradorite is thought to calm the mind, boost intuition, invoke courage during times of change, and improve communication. Hold it in your hand as you set your daily intentions.


Also known as the stone of transformation, labradorite may be powerfully healing, helping to calm overactive thoughts and kickstart creativity. It promotes a deeper connection to our higher purpose, aids us in letting go of what no longer serves us, and encourages us to harness our own transformative power.


A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Pisces + Leo + Libra


Includes a cotton pouch for safekeeping. Stones range in size from 1 ¼” to 1 ½”.
Made in United States of America

Meditation Stone - Labradorite