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Our best selling plant sprays, Dead AF and Leaf Wellness! Purchase one or both together to keep your plants happy and healthy.


Leaf wellness is a pest proventative and leaf shine that keeps your plants looking and feeling happy and healthy. This is something that can be sprayed on the leaves of any plant to prevent them from getting pests and keep their leaves shiny and clean.


Dead AF is an on-the-spot treatment for your basic houseplant pests- spider mites, mealy bugs, trhips, scale and aphids. This can be sprayed directly on your plants' leaves, stems, and even soil to kill pests on the spot and help your plant overcome their pests and thrive. 


Please indicate at check out if you would like this to be shipped or ready for in-store pick up. 

Please leave a note at check out if you would like a handwritten note included in your purchase. 

Leaf Wellness + Dead AF Plant Sprays

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