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Date: Tuesday July 16th 

Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Instructor: Laura Pettit Owner and Former First Grade Teacher


Sign your kiddos up for our Junior Houseplant 101 where they will learn the basics of houseplant care and the 3 essentials of what our houseplants need. 

This interactive hour will start and end with a story and have active and engaging movement throughout.


Students will leave with a basic understanding of plant care and a plant of their very own!


This is a kid focused class and we encourage parents and guardians to drop off their kids with us and enjoy a calming walk around town or some calming time to themselves. Each class is staffed with two adults and done during non-business hours to ensure the safety of the kids. 


If you would prefer to attend something with your child, please visit our self-guided workshop anytime during normal business hours.

Junior Houseplant 101: 7/16 - GROW Kids Club

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