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Discover the perfect pairing of nature's grace and artisanal craftsmanship with the Peperomia Hope cradled in a sesame-colored porcelain planter.


The Peperomia Hope, with its trailing foliage adorned with delicate green and silver hues, brings a touch of nature's beauty into your living space. Low maintenance and beautiful, the Peperomia Hope is consistently a GROW staff favorite. We can't get enough!


This charming plant finds its perfect home in an exquisite sesame porcelain planter, made with precision and featuring a neutral color with a pop of speckling. Sesame is THE best selling color of pot at GROW and we think it can earn a permanent spot in any home. 


Plant Name: Peperomia Hope

Difficulty Level: Easy

Light: Bright Indirect to Moderate

Watering: 7-10 days

Other notes: Prefers to dry out between waterings. Bottom watering recommended to prevent overwatering and root rot. Pet friendly!


This combo is local pick-up only. Please select "In-store pick up" at check out. All plants must be picked up within 1 week of ordering. After 7 days, we cannot guarantee the health of the plant and cannot promise any refunds, exchanges or store credit. If you would like a different colored pot or different plant in this pot, please DM us on Instagram (@growgeneva) and we can give you good altenative options.


Thank you for shopping GROW!

4in Peperomia Hope + Sesame Porcelain Planter

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