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Introducing a perfect pairing that marries prosperity with sustainability – our Money Tree planted in a beautifully crafted Stone recycled plastic planter.


The Money Tree, known for its symbolism of financial well-being and vibrant green foliage, thrives in homes with a lot bright light. Planted within the Stone planter, which is not only stylish but also crafted from recycled materials, this duo offers an eco-friendly twist to the concept of growth and abundance.


This pairing effortlessly combines the positive energy of the Money Tree with a commitment to environmental responsibility. The lush leaves of the Money Tree flourish within the Stone planter, making it a visually appealing and meaningful addition to any space. Elevate your surroundings with this harmonious blend of prosperity and sustainability, creating a truly 'green' investment in your decor.


Plant Name: Money Tree

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Light: Bright to Bright Indirect

Watering: 7-10 days

Other notes: Prefers filtered water and a higher humidity environment. Prefers to stay spongey (not soggy!) between waterings. Requires a very bright space. Pet friendly!


This combo is local pick-up only. Please select "In-store pick up" at check out. All plants must be picked up within 1 week of ordering. After 7 days, we cannot guarantee the health of the plant and cannot promise any refunds, exchanges or store credit. If you would like a different colored pot or different plant in this pot, please DM us on Instagram (@growgeneva) and we can give you good altenative options.


Thank you for shopping GROW!

4in Money Tree + Stone Recycled Plastic Planter

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