The Plant Shop Owner

Greetings Friends,

Welcome to my newest platform.

It feels so good to be writing again. Many moons ago, I began this crazy journey with a blog. I was teaching at the time and had a home decor hobby blog. Luck was on my side because that little blog happened to be timed just right and it became a bit more of a hobby blog. Long story short, that turned into a retail store or two.

My persona, The Plant Shop Owner, is designed to give people a glimpse into my odd life from a few different points of view. On occasion I will be discussing my love of plants and how to use them in decor. Then I may share about the trials and tribulations of shop life. From there, I could dive into a more educational or entertainment genre via IGTV.

The idea of owning a plant shop came to me after many travels. As a plant lover, I love to visit small, independently owned plant shops when I travel. They are usually in trendy neighborhoods and run by creative people. It's a great way to see a new city. (Side note: I do the same with breweries because I also love beer.) Some of my favorites include Yarrow Acres in Franklin TN, Planted in Denver, Mahonia and Forage in Louisville Ky, and Stump in Columbus OH. Each one is vastly different in many ways but they all have the same key elements: a unique shopping experience, extremely knowledgeable staff, and gorgeous plants. These three elements are what I strive to achieve at GROW Geneva.

Being a Plant Shop Owner means a lot to me. I firmly believe that the product that fills my store can bring happiness, improved mental clarity and health benefits to my customers. Plants can make people happy. Period.

So, I invite you to follow along on the renewal of my blogging life. I hope you enjoy it and gain knowledge from it. Let's have a bit of plant filled fun.

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