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Re-Introduction into Life - A Series on Style

Create your Signature Style with your Wardrobe, Home, and Life.

Ok, here we are in 2021, fresh out of a year of isolation and reflection. 2020 was chaotic and unsettling and re-emerging into today's world can be uncomfortable and unnerving. It was fascinating to see how much could change in one year. Our personal mindsets, daily routines and the world are completely different than they were a year ago. Let's move forward with style on our minds. Style is more important than you may think. Style can add stability and order to a chaotic environment. Craving order can equate to craving style.

We all had a chance to reflect and grow this past year during the pandemic. We had time to decide what’s important to us and what behaviors we may not want to invite back into our lives. It was easy for me to decide what I wanted to continue with and what I wanted to change.

I craved calm. I craved a sanctuary. I craved stability and I craved quality time. All of these things were lacking in my life both pre-pandemic and certainly right at the beginning. It all came down to one week in the middle of March 2020 when our lives were turned upside down. All of the sudden my daily routine was thrown, my source of income was gone and my bank accounts were empty. How my business survived the pandemic is the topic of a blog for another day. However, through all of that, I found my footing as a shop owner and decided what direction I wanted my life to take.

Ok. Fast forward to “now Laura”. Here I am fresh out of my year reflection and keeping my head above water. During this year I realized what I wanted and now I have figured out how to get there. Style.

Style can be defined as a particular, distinctive or characteristic manner of acting or appearance. This is what I wanted. Something particular and familiar. Deciding this gave me the direction and the purpose that I needed. How will I look every day? What will I come home to every day? Who and what will I surround myself with every day?

I divided the concept of style into three categories, Personal Style, Styling your Sanctuary, and Styling your Life. This process has been crucial to my mental health and well-being this past year and I hope this can help others enjoy the process of finding organization and stability in their lives.

In this blog series, you will learn about my journey to my signature styles and hopefully find your own.

We will dive into each topic in the days to come.

To get us ready for our post about personal style, try reflecting and journaling about the following topics:

Here are my answers:

Take time to reflect and I'll see you soon.


Journaling. I'm definitely a paper & pencil person. I have a few notes on my phone but I find the act of physically writing something down to be therapeutic. During the very first months of my separation, journaling about my happy moments and fears was a calming moment. I was able to say things to my journal that I hadn't said to anyone else. Finally, I was able to see the happy moments grow and the fears become fewer and fewer.

Choosing my inspiration journal for my activities is one of the best parts about it! Visit one of your favorite small shops in your town and make an event of choosing your new journal.

Geneva favorites for journal shopping: Cocoon and of course GROW.

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