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Imagine waking up every morning and knowing you have the tools to present yourself exactly the way you want. Whether we like it or not, the way we present ourselves to the world impacts how we are viewed by people who can affect our day. I am a boss. I work hard and I run a business that I want to be taken seriously as a staple for years to come. I represent my business in everything I do and everywhere I go. I have chosen to make myself the face of GROW and that has many benefits but also definitely some consequences. It is important for me to be as presentable and organized as the shop that I present to my customers.

Finding your personal style means to find something that makes you feel beautiful and confident while giving you stability. To create my personal style I focused on my wardrobe, hair and skincare.

Through my style journey, I have found calm, consistent and quality.

In our introductory post, I asked you to do a bit of journaling.

Here is my breakdown of my journal entry:

From this, I came up with a few rules to live by.

Here are some of my tips in finding your Personal Style:

1. Decide what makes you feel beautiful.

In my introductory post, I gave you a few journaling topics to think about. How did you do? Did you find parts of it difficult? We are all so critical of ourselves and sometimes it's hard to look at pictures of ourselves objectively. One of my favorite style inspiration pictures comes from Thanksgiving a few years back. I'm giggling and being silly with my sister. The memory of that is amazing and looking at the picture, I feel beautiful. I like the color and length of my hair. I like my casual attire. Most importantly, I like that I am smiling. For me, this was a kick off point for deciding how I want to feel and how I will present myself. My hair will be similar to this and my style will be simple.

2. The Closet Overhaul

I don't love shopping. I get frustrated when things don't fit the way I want them to. It's frustrating and it can be hard on your confidence. After many failed attempts to make my outfits look like the ones on my Pinterest board, I decided to mourn my fashion and wear all black.

Ok, that's being dramatic but that's essentially what I did. I found that I could wear black jeans and a black t-shirt and always look presentable and clean. It was nothing fancy or overthought but it got me by. From there I started to refine my thoughts on my style. I knew that I also loved chambray and denim. Good jeans and a chambray top can be a simple staple. It can be dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with heels and earrings. So, adding these items became my next focus. This was easy and simple so I decided to top off my style with adding a color to the mix. I chose Olive Green as my accent because it pairs well with my black outfit and my denim. It is also widely available in many forms and price points. I can't even count how many olive jackets I have. (They are all very different of course.)

I still greatly rely on a solid Pinterest board. It helps me stay focused and reminds me of my vision and journey. You can view my Style Inspiration board here.

3. Prioritize Your Spending

My job has two factors that support this rule. I get dirty and my income is limited.

Being a plant shop owner, I spend a fair amount of my day covered in some kind of soil or water. I need my clothes to be durable because they are going to be washed often. In addition, as a shop owner, my income can flex with the seasons and is dependent on who walks through the door every day. So, I need to be conscious to work within a budget but not buy low quality clothing that will just be thrown away after a few washes. To do this, I prioritize what I spend my money on.

I started with my jeans. A great fitting jean is almost impossible to find but when you do, it can make you feel amazing and really elevate your wardrobe. I choose to spend a fair amount on my jeans and always buy multiples. I often find the best fit for me at Banana Republic. Their jeans fit me and last for a long time. With my figure, I am drawn towards a "girlfriend or boyfriend" fit and often the curvy style. I've linked to my current favorites here and here.

Then I thought about footwear. I'm on my feet ALL DAY. I spend money on shoes that will make my feet feel great. My go-to brands are Birkenstock, Sofft and Born. To justify the larger expense, I choose styles that go with everything. I wear my gold Birks almost every day from May-Sept, I just upgraded my one pair of black Sofft sandals for dressier outfits and have two pairs of Born ankle boots for Fall and Winter. Of course, I have a few other pairs here and there but those are my staples and the ones I can't live without.

Jackets are next on my list. I am always cold and I prefer a light jacket or blazer to a sweater. I like the cleaner lines of something more tailored and think its most flattering on my body. Blazers and jackets are often something you can find at a thrift store or sales rack too!

Finally, tops are low on the priority list. I love a classic t-shirt. It can be washed repeatedly and look great and is really inexpensive. The Bella and Canvas brand is my favorite and any shirt we sell at the shop will be printed on Bella and Canvas shirts. My top budget for tops ranges from $8-$30 per top keeping in mind that I expect the $8 shirts to be as durable as the more expensive.

4. Trust the Professionals

Clothing isn't the only component to your style. Your hair care and skin care are also important in helping yourself feel confident and organized. I fully believe in leaving this in the hands of professionals I trust.

By professionals, I don't mean influencers. While they can share about their experiences, it truly only those experiences they are knowledgeable about. I can guarantee that their 25 year old skin is very different from my 40 year old skin.

I'm talking about true professionals that spend their time getting to know their clients, value ongoing education, and hear feedback from their customers.

My professionals include:

  • Hair - Kalrissa, the Ultimate Boss Lady, at LUXE Salon in Sycamore. She understands my fussy hair and my desire for the perfect color. We have worked on perfecting it for years and I never leave there anything less that amazed at how good she is at her job, both as a boss and stylist.

  • Skincare (Part 1) - The wonderful women of Odalisque Beauty in Geneva. I purchase all of my skincare, makeup and fragrances with their guidance. Everything is just the right shade of everything and smells just perfect. My favorite aspect of Odalisque is not only how knowledgeable they are of their product but also of my purchase history with them. They always remember what I have and what would compliment that nicely.

  • Skincare (Part 2) - Alex at Dermatique Laser and Skin in Geneva was the perfect person to help me gradually step into the world of Botox. She made me feel very comfortable and continues to give me the subtle results that make me feel confident and beautiful.

My Odalisque Favorites

Basically, I'm saying, "Simplify".

While this post may be a bit fussy, the actual implementation of it isn't.

I know what I'm going to purchase and I know who to talk to about it.

And yes, you can do all of this on a budget but don't get cheap with it. You will end up spending more in the long run.

In our next segment, we are going to talk about style in the home. Consider the following in your journaling:

#lifetip Think about who you are buying from. It is important to me to support small business that have made the investment in their community by taking a gamble and filling a store front in their town. Shop small. It matters.

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