Beating Shop Owner Holiday Burn-Out

It's the calm before the Holiday storm.

The holidays are upon us and it's the time of year for small shop owners everywhere to work long hours and carry extra stress as we make the push towards our busiest time of the year.

I LOVE the holidays at the shop. I love the hustle and bustle. I love the happy customers. I love transformation that happens within the shop. It's amazing but can take a toll on my mental state and physical health. It's easy to get overwhelmed and second guess everything. It's easy to put your health second by eating fast food and snacks all day.

This year, I will be making a conscious effort to make a few changes.

Here are four ways I am going to make an effort to beat holiday burn out and stay healthy.

1. Prepare my nest.

I am starting with a clean, beautiful and (mostly) organized house.

This can be a bit harder for me than it seems. As I have said before, I am a homebody that is never home. It's harder for me to get all of my home tasks done in the time that I am home.

There are a few factors that continue to complicate my focus on this. I can be a bit of a scattered person who jumps from one task to another without finishing the first. To manage this, my partner and I are actively working on picking up after ourselves, which sounds so easy, and spending 10 minutes a day on a home improvement task.

2. Eat Properly.

Making sure there is food in the house is the first step. I drive by two grocery stores on my way home from work

but I've often convinced myself I'm too tired to run in and grab something. Because of this, I'm not eating as well as I should and I'm spending too much money. To help with this, it's going to be a strong team effort. My partner makes a healthy breakfast for us every day and while he does that, I am packing our lunches. It's productive time and just a bit more quality time for the two of us every day. We are also using everything at our disposal to make sure we have food. Running into Aldi takes no time, Costco has many premade meals and Hyvee's delivery system is so easy. No excuses.

3. Enjoy the Little Moments.

The weather was beautiful so we loaded up the dogs and went for a nature walk today. I have tons of computer work to do so I'll light my favorite candle and sit in my plant room. When the dogs are snuggly, I will snuggle them. Having the occasional game night even though I know I lose every single time. Knowing when to put my phone down and stop checking my emails is the key to this step. The little moments can't be enjoyed if I'm not present enough to notice them.

4. Celebrate the Season.

This time of year my life and work revolve around the holidays and it can be exhausting. I have found myself over the last few years decorating less and less. I've stopped doing some of my favorite holiday traditions because I'm "over it" by the time I get home.

So, this year, I am making an effort to decorate my house for Christmas. I started today so I will make sure I have time to enjoy it. It is also important to me to bring back some of these old traditions and start new ones now that I'm in a new relationship. I want to bake and decorate cookies together, go a chop down a tree, hang our new favorite ornaments... I want to look back on this holiday with happiness and warmth, not exhaustion.

Putting this out there holds me accountable and allows me to stay honest with my goals. I highly recommend trying a few of these or setting your own goals. After the last few years, we all deserve a season of happiness and calm.

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