A Dash of Fall

Updated: Oct 20

I love Fall. I love most seasons really. The anticipation of change adds excitement to the air. With Fall comes school, football, fantastic colors...

Fall is also one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. I don't have as much time to decorate as I used to but I'm adding that to the list of things to make time for.

With fall, it's so easy to keep things simple and we all need a bit more simple in our lives. For me, nature takes care of everything. I pumpkin here... a corn bundle there... and "voila!" you have created the Fall experience in your home. Pair nature with your favorite flannel shirt, cozy blanket and spicy candle and you have the makings for a perfect season.

I made a trip to my favorite road side pumpkin stand where the selection is amazing and the prices are perfect for buying a car load. I'm always drawn to the knobby and muted friends. Their personalities make me smile.

I know they will rot eventually if the squirrels don't get them first but the joy they bring me is so worth it. I have one trip under my belt and I will be returning for another in the next few days to finish my outside decor for the season. I live in a town that hosts a very popular pumpkin festival and I will rise to the festive level of decorating that is needed.

My house is over 100 years old so my decor look can easily go from simple and understated to over the top and cluttered if I'm not careful. Remember, I am in no way a minimalist so reigning myself in is important. I'm often impressed with my own restraint. However, in an effort to keep my life simple and uncomplicated, simple decor is what the season calls for. I'm not promising the same for the Christmas holiday.

With simple in mind, I repainted my sitting room and living room this weekend with Sherwin Williams Natural Tan. I was replacing a light blue from about 10 years ago that was feeling dated. It was a color that was chosen during a previous relationship and needed to go. So, with a clean slate and a clean mantel, I added a few vintage mirrors and pumpkins. Nothing fussy but just enough to make me feel the Fall vibes in the house.

Yes. I want to simplify but I'm also a maximalist when it comes to decor. I'm not afraid to keep adding when I need to. A muted Fall palette was the goal this year so to help keep my bookshelves clean, I used a little trick that I learned from a friend and turned my books around on the shelf. It offers the texture and interest of a book collection but keeps it visually cleaner. Again, sprinkle in a dash of pumpkins and you are ready to go!

I will continue to decorate my front yard and entry way this week and will share my progress as I go. Follow along on Instagram at @theplantshopowner

For now, I will leave you with a quick and easy project that I shared years ago:

Easy Centerpiece project:

This is festive, fun and easy to make. The greatest part... you probably have everything you already need.

Vessel Ideas: tray, drawer, tool chest, basket, bowl

Liner Ideas: burlap, festive fabric, tea towel, old flannel shirt

Dried Floral Ideas: hydrangea, sedum, sage, coneflower, eucalyptus

Filler idea: pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, twigs and branches, houseplants

Here is one I created within minutes using just items from my living room shelves:

Stay tuned to my instagram account for the next few weeks and I'll share some of my creations using these ideas.

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