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Shower/Guest Favors:

Let us prepare your shower/guest favors for you! Potted succulents make the perfect gift for every occasion. Creative, colorful and easy care. Each succulent comes pre-potted with an individual care card so you guests will feel confident with their new gift. Minumum order 20. Prices starting at $7 a piece.

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Living Centerpieces

Looking for something a bit different? Consider a living centerpiece from GROW! Designed with style and function, these centerpieces can be taken apart following the event and given to special friends and family members. Each plant can come labeled with name and care instructions. They can also be planted together and given as a whole with a unique vessel. 

Prices starting at $48 a piece.




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Plant Staging and Rentals

Want and earthy, bohemian vibe or just looking to add the ease of greenery? Consider plant rentals. We offer a wide range of options and can provide the vessels and accent pieces to make your vision come true.

Prices will vary.

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Potted Succulent

Succulent Garden

Custom Arrangement