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Plant Consulting That Suits Your Unique Needs


We are so happy to offer this service to all of our nearby customers! We love watching our customers become plant people, and we want to help YOU find the perfect plants for your most important living spaces.


Our home consultation offers you one-on-one time with one of our plant specialists! We will help educate you on the best place to locate different plants for light, potting your plants, when to water, different types of soil, and the perfect temperature. Plants will freshen up any room, and we love to work with you to figure out your unique style! With our help you can have your own mini thriving rainforest or a light and simple touch of green around your home. 

CONTACT us to schedule your home consultation at growgeneva@gmail.com. 


Plants help to bring a little life into our workspaces! We offer our knowledge to help fill your space with the plants that will look and feel right, while making sure it requires the perfect amount of care for your office!


We firmly believe plants are a positive addition to any space. Plants can help your customers to feel more comfortable and relaxed while improving the interior look of your space. With your personal business consultation, we will educate you in keeping your plants alive so you and your plants can thrive in your workspace. We also help you pick the right plants to match your businesses mood and feel.

CONTACT us to schedule your business consultation at growgeneva@gmail.com. 


Centerpieces are a very important piece when planning and hosting an event; it's something all of your guests will see and hopefully admire. It is our job to make sure your tables are looking wonderful with our beautiful array of plant life. We have many different types of plants to fit the different style of your event. We can do plant photo booths, centerpieces, and more!

Once you have worked with one of our plant experts to select your design and plants, we will get to work making sure your pieces are ready for your big day! We are so happy to partner with Willrett Flower Co. who designs all things flower for events, such as bouquets and crowns. She makes the most beautiful pieces from her organic flowers grown on her farm. If you are looking for plants and flowers, we've got you covered!

CONTACT us to schedule your design meeting at growgeneva@gmail.com. 

weddings, showers, events


Our workshop space is also a great space to host a private party. We are happy to host private workshops for any type of celebration. Get a group together and pick a night, we can make it happen. 

We offer potting parties, succulent celebrations, and more. You and your friends and family can create something special for your home, enjoy your private space, and learn all things plants! 


CONTACT us to plan your private party at growgeneva@gmail.com. 


Workshops are perfect for a night out with friends, family, or a date, and are a fun and exciting way to learn a new skill!


We are working hard to plan some exciting plant workshops for YOU! Check back soon to see what we have to offer!