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BIG Plant FAQs

*Is the care of big plants harder than smaller plants?
No, we actually find the opposite. Large plants have a more established root system and have had more life experience than their younger friends.

*Are big plants sold buy height?
We can request certain heights from our growers but mostly sold by pot size. 10in pots would be the baseline for what we would consider a BIG plant while the largest pot size we usually get in is 14in.

*How expensive are big plants?
It depends on what you buy and how large you want it. Established plants can be an investment. 10in plants are ususally in the 3-4 ft range and run between $54 and $125.
While 12-14in plants are usually 4-6ft tall and run between $125 and $325 depending on variety.
Certain specialty plants like our resident Ponytail Palm run at a premium price due to their age and unique qualities. His twin would run about $625.

*Do they come in pots?
All plants come in their plastic growers pots and can be dropped into a larger catch pot or basket. We do offer larger pots and baskets as well. During this event, you will receive 10% off you purchase if you choose to purchase both the plant and vessel from us.

MORE FAQs to come

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